Winston Medical Center offers the services of a licensed social worker.  Illness or injury can lead to depression or anxiety, which can lead to obstacles in recovering or adapting to a new transition such as nursing home placement.  Our social workers are trained to provide emotional support to the patient and their family during these times, and help the patient come to term with their change in living situation and medical status.  Our social workers can also assist the patient and family with coordination of other health care services from our facility to their home.  Our Social Workers are an important part of our team and help make the transition a positive one.  To speak to a social worker, please call 662-779-5118.

Touching lives day by day!

Barbara Gay

Masters of Music/Teaching Certification K-12
Licensed Social Worker
Director of Social Services
Mississippi Society for Social Work Leadership and Healthcare

Stephanie Black
Bachelors of Social Work
Licensed Social Worker

Dottie Strait
Bachelors of Family and Human Development
Social Worker for Long-Term Care Unit

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