We are working daily to keep the community updated on things that we are learning about COVID-19. We will continue to update you as things progress.
One thing that we have in place with we have a COVID-19 Task Force in place that consists of the staff at Winston Medical Center and Louisville Medical Associates. This team is meeting twice weekly to stay aware of the current events in our community that surround COVID-19. In this team, we are implementing ways to protect our community, healthcare workers, and staying on top of the latest updates from MSDH and other agencies to help us stay on top of the fight against COVID-19.
In the meeting yesterday, we did learn that there has been a logistic issue with the state testing equipment for COVID-19. Wendy Young, Laboratory Director at Winston Medical Center, did contact the Mississippi State Public Health Laboratory this morning who stated that they are working to get the turn around time for COVID-19 testing in 72 hours.
This 72 hours does NOT begin at the time of collection but at the receipt of the test in the lab in Jackson. So, if you are tested your 72 hours will not begin until the state lab gets your test.
There are some who are still awaiting test results and we are working daily to follow up on those. Currently tests are taking as little as 72 hours for results up to 7 days. However, the Mississippi State Public Health Laboratory is working to get this issue resolved so that we are able to get faster test results. We, at Winston Medical Center, will continue to follow this and keep you updated on the testing issues.Image may contain: possible text that says 'COVID-19 UPDATE'