Bernice Pearson Art Exhibit Coming Soon!

Bernice Pearson is known in Winston County as being a lover of the canvas and brush. 

Bernice has painted all her life.  She began as child with the help of her mother, who also enjoyed painting.  Bernice would watch her mother paint as a toddler and began using the brush with the assistance of her mother. 
As she grew, Ms. Bernice took classes at college and after college for lessons on painting. 
She has art exhibited in local businesses on Main Street for many years. 
When asked exactly how many paintings she has done, Ms. Bernice chuckled and replied by saying, “Enough.”  “If I see something I like, I enjoy putting it on canvas,” said Ms. Pearson. 
On July 17, 2015 at 2:00 pm there will be an art show with Ms. Bernice Pearson art work on display at the Winston Medical Center Nursing Home. 
Any persons who has artwork created  by Ms. Pearson and would like to bring it to share please call 662-779-5183