Effective Therapy…Real Results

At Winston Medical Center, the professionally trained therapy department teaches and trains each patient to regain his or her strength and mobility after a hospitalization. Our therapists realize that rehabilitation is an essential element of health and wellness. The goal of Winston Medical Center therapists is to assist patients in reaching the highest level of physical health possible so that they are better prepared to return home and to the daily activities they once enjoyed. Winston Medical Center provides inpatient and outpatient therapy services.

Winston Medical Center offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy and is provided by fully licensed, certified, and experienced therapy professionals from Medicomp Rehab, a provider of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.

Physical Therapy addresses the areas of walking, bed mobility, and transfers. Physical therapists assess joint motion, muscle strength, and endurance, cardiac and pulmonary function, muscle tone and reflexes and preformation of functional activities. Physical Therapy addresses the areas of walking, bed mobility, and transfers. The physical therapists use specialized equipment designed to reeducate muscles and teach patients/residents how to take care of themselves at their highest functional level possible.

Occupational Therapy helps a patient regain their independence in areas such as bathing, toileting, and home management. Occupational therapists help those with illness or injury to assist patients in overcoming the obstacles that limit his or her ability to remain as independent as possible.

Speech Therapy assists patients in the areas of speech and language skills, swallowing, memory, and cognition. Speech therapists evaluate and diagnose a wide range of communication and swelling disorders, including those due to trauma or stroke.

Our highly trained and dedicated Rehab staff are eager to assist you in becoming all you can be.

To speak to one of our therapists, call 662-779-0780.