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At Winston Medical Clinic, we’re here to provide the care you and your family need.  Our healthcare team is always happy to help.  We can diagnose and treat most acute and chronic illnesses.

The WMC Clinic offers a variety of services to cover some of life’s minor emergencies, unexpected illnesses, immunizations and health screenings.

We offer care that is convenient and affordable.  WMC Clinic provides the quality of care you need in a timely manner because we understand you want to start feeling better now.  Treatment is available for both adults and children.

Some of our services include:

Well Child Exams
Women’s Health
Preventative Health
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits
Adolescent Care
Workers Comp Injuries
Disease Management
Acute Care
Pre-Employment Physicals
DOT Physicals
Laboratory Services

Our Team

We are a team of doctors, nurses and health professionals who emphasize wellness and lifestyle changes that result in long-term improvement to your health.

Our patient-centered approach means care focused on a strong patient-provider relationship, keeping the patient at the center of health care decisions, and “whole-person” care, rather than care based solely on a specific condition.

At Winston Medical Clinic, we provide care for all ages.  Our clinic is a place where you and your family’s care come first.

Insurance Coverage

Winston Medical Clinic accepts Medicaid, Medicare and pre-approved HMO’s and private insurance.

If you have any questions regarding your bill or insurance coverage contact us at 662-773-3503.

Located in three convenient locations!

Winston Medical Clinic-Hospital Campus
17540 East Main Street
Louisville, MS 39339
(662) 773-3503

Winston Medical Clinic-
Main Street
16569 West Main Street
Louisville, MS 39339
(662) 773-5704

Winston Medical Clinic-Noxapater
90 East Main Street
Noxapater, MS 39346
(662) 446-1222