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Find peace of mind in early detection of breast cancer at Winston Medical Center. As a woman, getting a mammogram is one of the essential ways you can safeguard your health. At Winston Medical Center, we ensure your screenings are effective, easy to schedule and as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The best protection is early detection.  Regular exams and screening mammograms are two ways to proactively monitor the health of your breasts.

Winston Medical Center’s Mammography services are accredited by the American College of

American College of Radiology Screening Guidelines for the Early Detection of Breast

Age 20-39:
Clinical breast examination every three years
Monthly breast self-examination

Age 40 and Over:
Annual mammogram
Annual clinical breast examination
Monthly breast self-examination

Screening mammography is an X-ray exam that produces images of the internal structures of the breasts. It is the most accurate method of evaluating the entire breast. These images can detect abnormal calcifications, as well as lumps that are too small to be felt by you or your doctor. All
exams are performed by female registered technologists who have had specialized training and certification in mammography.

A breast radiologist will read your mammogram and a report of your exam will be sent to your provider.  As with all other imaging services, at Winston Medical Center, there are no long drives and no long waiting periods.

Need to Schedule Your Mammogram?
Winston Medical Center offers mammography services and are here to serve you.  Call us today at 662-446-1100.  Be proactive about your breast health!