Winston Medical Center Swing Bed Services provides skilled care for persons who require ongoing care as they transition from acute care to their own home. This allows a person to transfer to Winston Medical Center where they can be closer to their home, family and friends.

To be considered for admission to the Winston Medical Center Swing Bed Services, the patient’s condition is at a stable level and acute patient care is not required. The patient requires skilled nursing care and/or therapy.

For Medicare patients, during the first 20 days after admission there is no cost to the patient. Medicare pays 100% of the cost of the room, therapies, x-rays, laboratory fees, medications, and physician visits. On days 21-100 (if the patient qualifies) Medicare will pay 80% and co-insurance will pay the additional 20%.  There may be extra charges to the patient for personal care items if not supplied by the patient.

Prior to a patient’s admission to WMC Swing Bed Services, a pre-admission evaluation is made of the patient to determine admission criteria and predict length of stay. The length of stay among patients varies but the average is 7-20 days. Referrals for Skilled admission are made from within the hospital or outside the facility. Members of nursing staff, physicians, case manager, or family members can make in-house referrals. Outside referrals are made from area hospitals or physicians.

Winston Medical Center Swing Bed Services is staffed with caring, compassionate nursing staff along with other skilled services. Swing Bed Services care includes:

  • Skilled Nursing Observation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sterile Wound Management
  • IV Therapy
  • End of Life Care

Winston Medical Center has a Social Worker who will work with patients and families to plan for transition into home, assisted living or long term care. The Social Worker may assist in arranging a wide range of services that may be required to meet ongoing medical needs. These services may include home health care, medical equipment, meals on wheels or making appointments for follow up care with medical providers or outpatient services.

Winston Medical Center Swing Bed Services is provided by Winston Medical Center.