Carol Ward, Employee of the Month for September 2017

WMC September 2017 Employee of the Month

Carol Ward

Performance– Carol is always pleasant and helpful to everyone who comes in the doors of WMC. Her knowledge of her job and realizing how her job affects WMC as a whole is a true blessing. Her understanding of everyone’s workflow greatly enhances our patients’ care. She holds pride in being a representative of WMC because she is the first face you see upon entering.

Accountability-  Carol is always cheerful and encourages everyone around her to strive to be better. Carol accepts and welcomes her responsibilities. She very seldom misses work, unless planned. She helps and expects that each employee at WMC are served quickly and correctly.

Service– Carol is very efficient with taking care of patients and keying them into the computer. She knows the system well and can answer any question anyone may have. She is kind, compassionate, friendly, and almost “bubbly.”

Stewardship– Carol is very serious about her job and WMC as an institution in delivering care that encourages our patients to return. She is very conscientious to detail in assuring that WMC has the correct and required information. Her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of her job makes each of the ancillary departments accountable and more efficient. Carol can key in 100 people a day and never lose her friendly voice and willingness to help others. Simply put, Carol loves WMC and loves her job and serves honorably to the point that she is trusted by each of her co-workers and every patient.

Teamwork- Carol is always willing to help her co-workers and always keeps a positive attitude. Carol’s willingness to help others is much appreciated. Her teamwork makes us all better because of her knowledge and understanding of what each team members’ job is and her attitude and willingness to help.