Community Survey 2022

Winston Medical Center Community Survey

Winston Medical Center needs your help in better understanding the community’s health. Please fill out this survey to share your opinions about healthcare services and the quality of life in Winston County. The survey results will be presented to the community and made available to the public in a written report. The information gathered from responses to this survey will help make Winston County a better place to live.

1. Check up to 5 selections you feel are the most important features of a healthy community:
2. Select up to 3 Chronic Diseases/Health Issues you or your family members live with:
3. Select up to 3 areas you feel there is Limited Access to and/or availability of:
4. Select up to 5 behaviors you are most concerned about in Winston County:
5. What do you feel are barriers for you in getting healthcare? Please select the statements below that ARE a barrier.
Please select the statements below that ARE NOT a barrier.
6. When you need to use prescription medications for an illness, do you…(check all that apply)
7. How do you rate your overall health? (check one selection)
8. How would you rate Winston County as a “Healthy Community?” (check one selection)
9. How is your healthcare covered? (check all that apply)
10. Who do you feel is most responsible for keeping you healthy? (check one selection)
11. Where would you go if you are sick or need advice about your health? (check one selection)
12. Do you have a primary care physician?
13. Select up to 3 Other Health/Community Issues you feel impact Winston County:
15. Gender
16. Age
17. Race/Ethnicity: Which group do you most identify with?
18. Education: Please check the highest level completed:

To view the current Winston Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment, click the link below