Cooking educational provided at WMC-NH for residents/staffs

On Tuesday June 28, Nancy Woodruff and Marion Sansing came and demonstrated how to make sauerkraut and yogurt for residents at Winston Medical Center Nursing Home. Marion Sansing is from Germany. While making the sauerkraut, Marion explained the history of sauerkraut, educated residents on how to ferment vegetables by pouring salt water on them.

Once the sauerkraut was put into jars, it must sit for 6 weeks to ferment. After 6 weeks the residents will be able to enjoy a taste of the new creation. Stay tuned to Winston Medical Center updates to see how residents enjoy the sauerkraut that they helped prepare!

The homemade yogurt had to sit for 12 hours before residents can enjoy.

If you would like to volunteer to provide an activity to our nursing home residents call 662-779-5121.