Dr. Gentry speaks to Louisville Garden Club

Dr. Dustin Gentry spoke to the Louisville Garden Club on September 1, 2015 at the monthly meeting hosted at Market Cafe. 

“All our members were so appreciative of Dr. Gentry for coming and providing our program.  He was very informative about the things going on at Winston Medical Center and the services that he provides. We all just loved him!  He has a wonderful personality and strong desire to serve his patients,” said Alice Wooten, President of Louisville Garden Club. 

“Dr. Gentry presented very interesting and valid information on the new hospital. We all feel extremely lucky to have this fine Christian young doctor and his family in our community,” said Judy McLeod. 
Dr. Dustin Gentry is a Family Medicine physician at Winston Medical Center. He has an active clinic and hospital practice at WMC and is available for all your healthcare needs. You can schedule an appointment with him today by calling 773-3503.