Terri Mayo

December Employee of the Month

Terri Mayo, LSW who works in the Turning Point Mature Adult Care Unit was nominated for Employee of the Month.  Terri has worked at Winston Medical Center since 2015.  She is married to Grant Mayo of Louisville.


Terri always takes pride in her work and strives to improve. She always offers to help other staff. Terri is very knowledgeable and intuitive to patient’s needs. She is thorough in her assessment of patient and family needs and goes the extra mile to make sure these needs are met.


Terri is a very responsible person and her job performance exhibits this every day. She not only has a good attitude, but brings out this same trait in her fellow employees and always makes an effort to lift up those around her. Terri strives to maintain a positive work environment.


Terri goes above and beyond to contact resources the patient may benefit from during their stay and after discharge. The extra mile is always walked for all of Terri’s patients. Her discharge planning is always very complete and goes beyond the standard of care.


Terri is always giving of herself to make the patient’s lives better, but also to make the working environment better by helping co-workers and all family members and patients. She uses her talents, resources, and strengths to assist families and patients while fulfilling her role as a social worker.


Terri is a devout Christian and carries herself as such. She is always honest to a fault. She is quick to encourage staff to exhibit integrity while leading by example. This attitude only strengthens the trust that patients and their families hold in the information provided to them by Terri.


Terri is always willing to help a fellow co-worker, regardless of what unit they work on or what they need assistance with. She has a very caring and compassionate personality that is evident in everything she does. Terri works with all staff to meet one important goal, providing quality care for our patients.