Melissa Branum taking steps with her physician, Dr Dustin Gentry to live a healthy lifestyle

Looking for a little weight-loss motivation? Look no further! Check out Melissa Branum, a Louisville resident, who has been working on reducing her weight and living a healthier lifestyle since January 2017.

Melissa went in for her typical doctor appointment. She heard the same thing that most of us do not want to hear. She listened to her physician, Dr. Dustin Gentry discuss with her about the importance of diet and exercise. We all know eating healthy and exercising is important for healthy bodies but our minds also know that it requires dedication and work which is often what sets us back.

Melissa Branum did the opposite. She set her mind to eating healthy, exercising regularly and making healthy choices. She worked closely with her doctor who helped supervise her weight loss. Since January, Melissa’s determination, faithfulness to being a more healthier person has caused her to dropped 70 pounds and she plans to lose an additional 15 to hit her goal weight.

“Melissa is rocking her new lifestyle. She is eating right and exercising daily. She has not taken any special medications or supplements. Her hard work and dedication to being healthier has done just that and I am so proud to not only be a part of her journey but am also proud to know that she is proud of her accomplishments,” said Dr. Dustin Gentry. “It has been very difficult but all the hard work has been worth it,” said Melissa Branum.

Winston Medical Center has a walking track around the newly built pond. The community is encouraged to use the walking track for daily exercise. A parking lot is easy to access for the track area. If you would like to lose a few pounds like Ms. Branum, visit your healthcare provider and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Winston Medical Center…”We’re Getting Better Everyday!”