Nellie Darden, WMC Employee of the Month

April 2017 WMC Employee of the Month

Nellie Darden

Performance– Nellie is dedicated to her profession. She is compassionate with her patients and is very knowledgeable. She can be counted on to do her job to the best of her ability. She takes initiative in caring for her patients.

Accountability– Nellie works as a nurse supervisor and expects everyone, including herself, to do the best job possible. She is the person of contact for the pharmacy department if there is any medication issue for the hospital unit. She will work to get any problems solved.

Service– Nellie is an excellent nurse and one that you would want taking care of you if you were in the hospital. If a patient needs something, Nellie will work within her means to accommodate their wishes. She cares about all of her patients and it shows.

Stewardship– Nellie is always professional. Nellie treats everyone the same and is committed to doing a good job. Whether she is working directly with patients or working in her office, she can be counted on to get her job done.

Integrity– Nellie leads by example. She is trustworthy and always puts her patients’ needs first. She will make sure that the patients are taken care of.

Teamwork– Nellie works well with other disciplines. She works directly with the physicians and the pharmacist. Nellie and the pharmacist will work together to solve problems. Nellie is very supportive of the pharmacy and its staff and that is appreciated. If there are ways to improve mediation delivery or patient care, Nellie will work with the pharmacist to find them.