Nursing home update!!!!

We are receiving numerous calls about how to locate a nursing home resident. WMC was severely hurt in the tornados.  NO RESIDENT WAS INJURED!!!! When WMC admits a nursing home resident we have the family appoint a responsible party. A responsible party is a contact for our staff to notify in the event of an emergency. Prior to sending any of our residents to other locations our responsible party was notified. If you have a question about a resident please contact his or her family to find out who the responsible party may be. We appreciate your understanding!!! Also, we will keep you update on personal belongings of residents and how to get them at a later time. Please do not report to the WMC campus to pick up the belongings!!!!! We ask you to PLEASE not come to the campus at this time. We will notify you when you can come!! Stay tuned to WMC Facebook page for further updates. Please share all our status updates to keep our community informed!!!