Turning Point

Winston Medical Center recently announced that the management of Turning Point will come in house on
July 1, 2013. Turning Point has been managed by Ameris since 1998. Mr. McCall stated that Hugh Gay and his team have done a tremendous job through the years and we are looking forward to their continued service at Turning Point. Located on the third floor of Winston Medical Center, the Turning Point inpatient adult care program addresses the emotional and behavior needs of individuals 55 and older.
Through a coordination of therapy, education, and medication management, Turning Point encourages patients to regain as much independence as they can and lead the fullest life possible. Symptoms or lifestyle changes that may indicate a need for referral to Turning Point include: Suicidal thoughts, Depression, Stress, Confusion, Hallucinations, Paranoia, Anxiety, Detox (Alcohol/Prescription Drugs).
Hugh Gay and the staff of Turning Point will continue to work together and will aim to make this a smooth transition.
Turning Point has also started offering educational classes to others in our community. Scott Eaves has been teaching dementia related classes in a local church, LTC units, and groups of individuals.
For more information about Turning Point call 662-779-0173