What Older Adults Need to Know About COVID-19

At Winston Medical Center, we have and will continue to safeguard our Residents in our Senior Care Services.
We encourage everyone in our community to take these recommendations NOW, to help the older adults and those with medical conditions be prepared in the event this virus is active in our area. These recommendations will help reduce the risks of getting COViD-19.
If you have any mild symptoms of COVID-19, it is important that you call your healthcare provider first.
As a precautionary measure and in an effort to keep our patients as safe as possible, ALL Winston Medical Clinic locations are requesting that patients:
1. Call upon arrival to the clinic and wait in the car until the nurse calls you.
2. Limit the number of visitors that accompany you to your appointment.
Winston Medical Clinic-Hospital Campus 662-773-3503
Winston Medical Clinic-Main Street 662-773-5704
Winston Medical Clinic-Noxapater 662-724-4051