Winston Medical Center Nursing Home prepares to reopen!!

Winston Medical Center Nursing Home is making progress!  Residents will soon be filling the halls of their home that was destroyed on April 28, 2014 when the EF4 tornado ripped through Winston County. “We know that our residents are ready to come home and we want them to know that we are ready to get them home. Our priority has been to get the repairs done as quickly as possible and get our residents back to the community and into their home and that is exactly what we are doing,” said Lacey Vowell, Nursing Home Administrator. 

Construction crews are working hard to finish the final phases of the repairs to the nursing facility. Winston Medical Center plans to open it’s doors by October 1, 2014. Plans are already being made to get residents ready for admission. “Our families have been so patient during this process.  We are very proud of all the support, understanding and strength that all of our residents and his or her family showed during this transition,” stated Fran Misso, DON. 
Winston Medical Center Nursing Home thanks you for your continued support, prayers and patience.