WMC Celebrates with Annual Christmas Party

The staff of Winston Medical Center celebrated the holiday season together at the annual Christmas party held on December 12, 2017.

At the party, employee awards were given for years of service to the following employees:

Dessie Clemmons–40 years of service
Robert Higginbotham–35 years of service
Richard Randle–35 years of service
Sylvia Brown–35 years of service
Carol Ward–20 years of service
Fran Misso–15 years of service
Shana Bell–15 years of service
Shoneylisa Hayes–15 years of service
Melanie Kirk–15 years of service
Carol Nowacki–10 years of service
Melody Russell–10 years of service
Nicole Moody–10 years of service
Lori Luke–5 years of service
Nichole Carver–5 years of service
Tanya Whittle–5 years of service
Willie Hudson–5 years of service
Eric Yarbrough–5 years of service
Dorothy Smith–5 years of service
Lauren Whitehead–5 years of service
Blake Jernigan–5 years of service
Karen Roberts–5 years of service

Throughout 2017, many employees were nominated for Employee of the Month.  The following employees have been recognized throughout 2017:
Teresa Harrison-January
Melody Russell-February
Sharlanda Givens-March
Nellie Darden-April
Kelly Smith-May
Carol Coleman-June
Alexandria Gladney-July
Yogi Smith- August
Carol Ward-September
Tim Black-October
Melissa Edwards-November
Trey Sherrod-December

At the Christmas party, Melody Russell was announced as the Employee of the Year.
“Winston is my home.  I don’t live in Winston County but I feel as though I am home here.  This was my first job I applied for 19 years ago and it’s where I have come back to and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.  I love everyone here,” Mrs. Russell said after accepting her award.

Here is what Melody’s peers had to say about her:

Employee of the Month

Melody Russell

Performance– Melody is always asking what she can do to help and is the first to jump up to complete a task.

Accountability– Too Melody, having a bad day or being in a bad mood is never an excuse. She always has an upbeat attitude.

Service– Melody focuses first on delivering excellent care to her patients while also being compassionate and helpful even when it is not directly related to her job.

Stewardship– It is obvious that Melody takes great pride in her work. She is always offering to help and always offers to work on holidays. She has a very strong character.

Integrity– Melody is one of the most trustworthy people I know. I know when I ask her something that I get honesty. She will also respectfully hold others accountable.

Teamwork– Melody always helps her coworkers in any way she can. Whether it be coming in early, staying late, or helping with a patient, she is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Congratulations to all of our Employees who were recognized in 2017 and we are looking forward to the 2018 nominations.