WMC celebrates National Radiologic Technologist Week!


National Radiologic Technology Week is celebrated to recognize the vital work of Radiologic Technologists. The celebration takes place each November to commemorate the anniversary of the X-ray’s discovery in 1895. The celebration calls attention to the valuable work of Radiologic Technologists. The highly technical images acquired by these healthcare professionals play an integral role in the medical process and in the lives of patients.

An RT is responsible for capturing images using ionizing radiation safely. They are also responsible for ensuring that the image they help to acquire provides the referring physicians with the information they need to make, confirm or exclude a diagnosis accurately and determine treatment decisions. An unclear or a poorly positioned image can result in a false negative examination and affect the interpretation. An examination may be reported as normal because the subtle or occult finding is masked or obscured by poor image quality. It is in the very early stages of a disease or a condition, when the finding is small and/or subtle, that the diagnosis is most critical and when treatment can be the most effective.

Winston Medical Center would like to recognize our Radiologic Technologists: Jan Lowery, Jimmie Permenter, Richard Randle, Robert Higginbotham, Mike Johnson, Nicole Moody and Molly Nicholson. The work of these professionally trained experts is vital to our healthcare services and to quality patient care. Our RTs have many years of experience to give you the best exam and experience with us possible.

At Winston Medical Center we provide the following modalities for your health care:  Bone Density, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and X-rays.