WMC Demolition press release

Louisville, Ms – Demolition has begun at Winston Medical Center to replace the facilities that were destroyed by the EF4 tornado that struck Louisville on April 28, 2014.  “Demolition is expected to take 90 days” stated Paul Black, Winston Medical Center’s CEO.  “During this time we will be finalizing our design for the new Winston Medical Center campus.”  “Our current plan has us starting construction either late fall or early winter of this year.”  The new buildings will be constructed on the site where Winston Medical Center once stood, at 562 East Main Street.   “The events of April 28 were truly a tragedy for this community.” Said Black.  “However, what defines the character of a community is not the tragedies the they endure but how they respond to those events.  Over the past 15 months, this community has shown anyone one who has been to Winston County the type of character that’s needed to take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph.  Winston Medical Center intends to continue that process by building a medical center, long term care/rehab facility and clinic facility that will make the citizens of Winston County proud.”   The new medical campus will include:
·     A one story hospital building that will house acute inpatient services (14 beds), Turning Point (10 beds), emergency services, and all ancillary diagnostic services such as radiology, ultrasound, mammography, laboratory, respiratory therapy, and pharmacy.
·     A Medical Office Building that will have room for six (6) providers and will include an Outpatient Therapy area
·     An Administrative Building which will include a multipurpose room that could accommodate up to 100 people and could be used by other community organization for meetings and events.
·     The new Long Term Care / Rehab facility will be based on a  cottage concept that is designed to have a more home like atmosphere to enhance the quality of life for the residents.  Each cottage will have the ability to accommodate 10 – 15 residents and will its’ own living room, dining room, den and small kitchen area.
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