WMC discusses future with employees

Winston Medical Center met with employees today at First Presbyterian Church to inform employees of future plans for WMC and employment of all employees. 

Paul Black, Interim CEO told employees that once the mobile hospital is set up and ready to open that all employees that could be utilized would be allowed to work. “It is our hope to keep as many employees that we can employed,” stated Black.
Winston Medical Center Nursing Home and WMC-Turning Point have no buildings to re-open at this time. The nursing home is the next priority for the organization. 
 Lex Taylor, Executive Comittee Chairperson stated, “The plan is to bring all labor force back into full force and to do so as soon as possible.”  “Our next step for permanency  is our nursing home.”  “We will come back better, stronger and will be the best for our next 50 years of service,” said Taylor. “We realize we have 114 displaced residents who are out of their home and getting them back to our county is of high importance,” stated Taylor. 
Employees are asked to contact his or her Department Head if any questions should arise. 
Dr. Sam Suttle, Winston County Medical Director thanked employees and mentioned what a great team WMC was and still is. “We have a vision that we will be in a better facility with the same top notch employees,”  stated Suttle. 
Employees who have experienced any loss are asked to contact Brandi Krajewski, Marketing/PR Director or Michelle Nowell, Human Resourses Director.  Mississippi Hospital Association has a program that has been implemented for employees who have suffered through the tornado with any losses and who has any needs. “We want employees to know that MHA is here for you in this event,” stated Michelle Nowell, HR Director. 
Michelle Nowell, HR will be setting up a meeting with WMC retirement company, Valic, so employees may talk to them about questions pertaining to his or her retirement. 
WMC Executive Board is paying all deductions for insurance until July 31, 2014 for all employees. 
After Friday, Administration will know  more about the plans for the nursing home building and a possible time length on when the nursing home will plan to re-open. 
Employees who wish to file for unemployment benefits can call 1-888-844-3577 or visit the Mississippi Departmet of Employment Services website.  Employees will have to turn in their time that is worked, vacation pay that was paid and any extra hourly pay. If an employee elects to file for unemployment employees should bring the form to Michelle Nowell, HR and she will turn it back in to the appropriate agency. 
Employees are asked to like and encourage others to like the WMC Facebook page where updates will be made about meetings and other current events for healthcare. 
B Davis Shoes has a shipment of shoes coming in from vendors for those who have been affected by the tornado. If you need a pair of shoes call Liz at 803-2034 or Kathryn at 803-4450.  Let them know how much you appreciate them!
WMC ended the meeting with prayer led by Jack Miller, Executive Committee member. 
WMC will continue to move forward and will rebound from this tragic time. WMC asks that our community continue to pray for YOUR hospital as everyone works hard to rebuild.