WMC highlights services at local club meeting

Brandi Krajewski, Marketing/PR Director at Winston Medical Center was the guest speaker at the September meeting for the Fort Nightly Club.

Winston Medical Center is dedicated to this community and its health care. They realize the importance of having healthcare services  at home for patients. New services such as MRI and Wound Care Management Services has been added to the list of services a patient can receive at WMC.

Brandi Krajewski, Marketing Director discussed the Services that patients can receive and the availability of having X-Rays, Laboratory tests, Mammography, Women Services and MRI’s done locally and the results can be sent to an out of town physician, if needed. She also discussed Turning Point and Winston Medical Center Senior Care Services.

Turning point is for persons 55 years or older who may suffer from issues with dementia, depression,stress, confusion, requires medication management or is having hallucinations.  It is a inpatient program and a free confidential assessment on a person can be provided at no charge. Turning Point encourages patients to regain as much independence as they can and lead the fullest life possible.

Winston Medical Center Senior Care Services has a 120 bed facility with newly built cottages to provide residents with a home like environment and amenities to make his or her transition easy. The residents enjoy private rooms, baths and living areas. They have a full time activity program that keeps them busy.  “We are very proud of the cottages and the senior care services that are available here at home,” said Brandi Krajewski.

Winston Therapy Services is located on the WMC Campus and they provide Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. “One added service, that was added to our new campus that we are extremely proud of is the new pool to provide aquatic therapy in. This allows patients to receive therapy services in a pool and provides treatment that can heal the body while improving rehabilitation timeframes, fitness levels or reducing overall stress levels. We also have specialized treatments such as dry needling,” said Krajewski.

“I want our community to feel proud of their hospital and know that services are here and there is no need to drive out of town.  Millions of pieces to the puzzle had to fall together to rebuild Winston Medical Center. We have a strong, dedicated staff who are compassionate and professional. It takes much work and many pieces to fall into place to make positive changes in the image of the hospital and by adding services this is just another step that we are doing to improve patient care and patient satisfaction. As health care grows so will the community, this will be up to each of us to support our hospital and use the services that are available,” said Krajewski.

At WMC we currently have a full-service hospital. WMC was designed with our patients and community in mind. Conveniently located and equipped with large private rooms and technologically advanced medical equipment, our superbly trained and attentive staff is committed to delivering pleasant patient experiences and positive medical outcomes. Our comprehensive offering of hospital services not only establishes Winston Medical Center as a premiere, full-service hospital but makes certain that our caring staff is prepared to address the healthcare needs of those we serve. We are proud to add MRI and our most recent, Wound Care Management to our list of services we provide. This distinction is a direct result of our Administration, physicians and employees’ commitment to clinical excellence. Our mission is, To improve the quality of life of the citizens of Winston County and surrounding communities,” said Krajewski.

Winston Medical Center will also have its annual Health Fair on Tuesday, October 2, 2018. There will be free health screenings available. Flu shots will be available at a discounted rate of $25. If you are a Medicare recipient you can bring your Medicare card with you.

Personal tours of the facility can be scheduled by calling Brandi Krajewski at 662-779-5111.

For more information about Winston Medical Center go to www.winstonmedical.org.