Tim Black

WMC October 2017 Employee of the Month

Tim Black

Tim always goes above and beyond to make Winston Medical Clinic the best it can be. Although his primary job is lab, he will help with any task at any one of our locations without hesitation. He shows kindness and compassion not only to his co-workers but also our patients.

Tim is one that does not require direct supervision and always exhibits accountability. He is always timely.  He exhibits a great attitude and has a great sense of humor.  If you are having a bad day, whether you are a patient or co-worker he will always brighten your day.

Tim is committed to Winston Medical Center and Clinic.  He is dedicated to making us the best that we can be.  He holds himself and all other employees under his direction accountable by assuring that we follow proper protocols and procedures.

Tim is always willing to help his co-workers and always keeps a positive attitude. His willingness to help others is much appreciated. Tim demonstrates all the attributes of an ideal employee on a daily basis in all he does.