WMC Residents enjoy a Circus Day!

Residents at Winston Medical Center Nursing Home were surprised to be asked to come to a Circus filled with carnival games, clowns, snow cones, and freshly popped popcorn.  The entire Activity room was adorned with colorful decorations to include bright colored balloons, whimsical streamers and other décor to create a circus atmosphere. 

The Activity staff had an array of games planned for Residents to include pick up duck, bozo the clown games, balloon pop, and other fun games.  Residents also were able to enter the popcorn stand or the snow cone stand where they found over 20 flavors of snow cones to choose from or freshly popped popcorn. 

The Activity staff dressed in clown costumes and paraded around the Activity room interacting with Residents and families.  “It was an activity that our Residents didn’t expect which made the surprise of the entire afternoon so enjoying for both residents and staff,” stated Tanya Whittle, Activity Assistant.