WMC thank you and updates!

Winston Medical Center has taken the last week and moved progressively forward. 

All nursing home residents were taken care of by either being admitted to other facilities or went home with loved ones. 
All hospital patients were admitted to other facilities safely. 
A new mobile hospital has been brought to Louisville for a temporary hospital. 
Volunteers from across the globe have come to Winston County to help with volunteerism by providing an array of services. 
The clean up in our community is remarkable and there is not any way that any of this could be possible without  volunteers both local and out of town. 
Upcoming plans are for Dr Micheal Ard and Heather Gilmire, FNP are to continue to provide healthcare services at the Noxapapter Clinic with plans to move to the Winston Therapy Services building on May 19th. 
The nursing home is of top priority at this time. Plans to get residents back home as quickly as possible are already in the making.
Winston Medical Center continues to be YOUR hospital!  We are here for all of our patients and families. Winston Medical Center provides quality healthcare right here at home. No need to drive out of town. We are committed to serving our community!