WMC to re-open in new location

Winston Medical Center will open its doors in its new location, 923 South Church Avenue (behind Teter’s Floral Products/old Spartus building), on Monday, May 19th. 

Winston Medical Center asks for the community to support the temporary location. Your support has made us what we are, and your continued support is what will help us to rebuild. 
Winston Medical Center is YOUR hospital. With your support, we will together accomplish the goal of growth for our community and for our heathcare services. 
We need you, our entire community, more now than ever, and we will always be there when you need us the most. 
Winston Medical Center is the first hospital in the nation to be provided with the temporary hospital. We are honored to be given this opportunity to continue to provide quality healthcare to our community. 
The temporary hospital was transported to Winston County from North Carolina days after WMC was hit directly by the EF4 tornado. 
Winston Medical Center will move forward and will continue to provide you with you healthcare that you and your family deserve right here at home!
Winston Medical Center YOUR MEDICAL CENTER!