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Magnolia Cafe Lunch Menu Wednesday Fried Chicken Hamburger Steaks Ham Carving Station Black Eye Peas Squash Casserole Wild Rice Mixed Greens WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DAY Assorted desserts and salad bar

Why is flu so bad this year?

On Friday, the CDC announced a first in its 13 years of flu monitoring: As of Jan. 6, every part of the continental U.S. showed “widespread” flu activity. “This is the first year we had the entire continental U.S. be the same color on the graph, meaning there’s widespread activity in all of the continental… Read more »

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch Menu Magnolia Cafe Fried Chicken and Ham Steaks Scallop Potato Broccoli Cheddar Casserole Rice and Gravy Fried Okra Green Beans Salad Bar Assorted cobblers and desserts

WWC Clinics are closed.

Just a reminder that all WMC clinics are closed today  we will reopen tomorrow.  Please stay warm and safe!    

All WMC Clinics are closed!

Due to the inclement weather all Winston Medical Clinics have closed today and tomorrow. We will reopen on Thursday. If you have an emergency, call 911. As always, our WMC Emergency Department is available 24/7. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


At any time there are approximately 79 million people in the U.S. with HPV. Visit to find free/low cost pap tests in your area. #HealthyMS

Health Officials Encourage Flu Control Measures During Unusually Active Flu Season

JACKSON, Miss. – This year’s flu activity is unusually high, and Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) officials encourage all Mississippians to continue to protect themselves against the flu and to practice basic prevention measures to help prevent the spread of flu. While flu season typically peaks in January through March in Mississippi, the state… Read more »


Harsh flu season affecting Mississippi hospitals Hospitals in Mississippi and nationwide are experiencing higher-than-usual activity due to a particularly harsh flu season. This has led to overcrowding in emergency rooms and a shortage of hospital beds. Mississippi is one of 22 states experiencing very high levels of flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control… Read more »

Have you been screened? #HEALTHYMS

Cervical cancer​ was once a leading cause of cancer death for women in the U.S. Today, screening and prevention have greatly reduced the impact of this form of cancer. Still, more than 12,800 U.S. women received a diagnosis of cervical cancer and more than 4,200 died from the disease in 2017, according to the National Cancer Institute…. Read more »

Saturday Lunch

Magnolia Cafe Located Inside Winston Medical Center Open 11-1 Daily Saturday Lunch Menu: Chicken Alfredo Beef Stir Fry Cob Corn Butter Bean Egg Rolls Fresh Salad Bar Assorted Desserts