Winston Medical Center Recognizes Employees at Annual Employee Awards Recognition

Winston Medical Center hosted its annual Employee Awards Recognition following the annual Christmas luncheon.  The Employee Awards Recognition is to recognize staff with accolades from Employee of the Year to years of service awards. Winston Medical Center honored long-term employees with its annual Service Awards, where staff are recognized for years of service ranging 5-40… Read more »

Black Friday Safety!

It is just hours to countdown of the Black Friday Madness!  It is evident that there are two kinds of individuals in the world. Those who love to brave the Black Friday crowds, long lines, and pull an all-nighter in search of the best deal… and those who won’t go within a mile of the… Read more »

Special Thanks, Louisville Garden Club

Just like the gardens it nurtures, the Louisville Garden Club continues to serve and beautify the Louisville community. From beautification to education, to brightening our local WMC-Senior Care Services, Louisville Garden Club members are always busy making Louisville a brighter place to live and play. All of us at WMC want to extend a heartfelt… Read more »